As I go through one of Vusi’s post, I came across the above quote, I want to chew on these words with you.

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Commitment is a discipline of consistance, focus and passionate desire to the fulfilment of a task or any given task or an obligation

To the person

A person is a soul in you. This has to do with the mental ( the invisible faculty of your being) awareness of your being. A person consist of what we call personality, and personality is derived from how you use your mind. We know what you are by how you use your mind. We call you good person referring to your personality.

Your personality reveals you

You are becoming

Becoming in a linian word, it is in a continuous tense. It is in a process form of action. It is something which is being fashioned to it’s best.

You and I also are living this life with a goal. Our lives are not fully shaped. We want to become something in our lives. The only thing that will help us to become the person we want to be is to commit ourselves to that purpose.

What are you becoming?

Is there anything you want in life specifically?

What are you living for?

The notion of never give up mentality go hand in hand with being committed on the person you are becoming.

Have wonderful Friday My friends

Written by Sydwell Parton Mthombeni

Published by Phillimon sefake

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