There is another reported strike outside Monyong Secondary School in Moletjie Kgohloane where hundred of parents and learners gathered outside allegedly saying the principal must fall. This is after a collapsing of learners last week Friday.

Whoever said, ” principal must fall, needs to provide evidence that’s the serious allegations.” Said one of the villagers. Parents don’t have the rights to accuse principal for such demonic. What if there is one parent involved in this but pretend as if he/she has not done anything wrong. What is happening at that school and in other schools around the country is beyond human understanding. It is a spiritual war, not physical war, therefore the weapon must be spiritual not physical. They should be holding prayer sessions instead of striking. ” I blame COVID-19, I remember we used to have prayer time at Assembly every morning now it’s cancelled “. Nthabiseng Maluleke said

” Aowa in this one I’m against the parents, principal can’t control spiritual things. I blame parents this time it’s their responsibilities to pray and protect their children against this evil spirits”. Added Mosima Hopane

Even though Monyong Secondary School pass rate is busy going down every year and government do nothing about it.

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