Joina Persistence Tanaka was born and bred in Zimbabwe. He is a multi-talented artist who is eager to learn more as life goes on. He is a pencil artist, music producer, African bass guitarist, photographer and videographer. He likes drawing wildlife, landscapes, portraits and anything that catches his eyes. Through it all, his parents stood by him and guided him so much in this journey of life.

Growing up in both rural and urban areas taught him to love what he does and never stop doing it, which is art, hence he joined events such as Mankweng art festival, NGZ Shaurai and music wise he joined BMR studios, he always believed that art will one day art will take him somewhere, and indeed it did, he met new people along the way, some of those who bought his art work.

Tanaka ventured into drawing when he was only 7, that was after he saw a whole lot of work done by great artists and he also wanted to try it, he then went to art school and when he was 11 he left that school, from there he started teaching himself how to draw till date. Nature is his biggest influence, he likes black and white hence he chose drawing, using his hands and pencil to challenge himself is one of his biggest joys.

“I prefer drawing rather than loitering the streets doing nothing at all, art is my life and I live it” said Tanaka. Art takes priority in his life, though at times he engages in non-art related events such as businesses, art still takes the first place, he really enjoys being an artist and giving up will never ever be an option.

In five years to come, Tanaka would like to see himself having his own family, owning a studio for art and music, working with different art galleries, producing world class art, having a lot of clients who purchase his artwork for decorative purposes and lastly being a fully established brand in the art industry.

His role models include Young Creator from South Africa, Shanfield Moyo from Zimbabwe, Andrews Art from Ghana and Easy Art from Nigeria. He is inspired by their work and has been in contact with them a couple of times.

Tanaka values keeping his money into his pockets rather than in his head, being simple and humble, aiming higher and avoiding peer pressure. He pledges to work with people, improve his art, help where can, be straightforward and to never disappoint but be a good person to all.

For more information, contact Tanaka on

Facebook: EezyPeezy Pro Art

Instagram: eezypeezypro


Whatsapp: 0744009740

Calls: 0628084317

By Katlego Makhwiting

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