Mahlatse (Drably) Mogashoa.

Well my real name is Mahlatse Mogashoa but my stage name is Drably. I’m from Turfloop (unit F), I’m currently a student at The University Of Limpopo studying Bsc in Mathematics. Drably only makes Hip hop music so I would say I’m a hip hop artist.

At this point I feel like music is a part of me and I cant live without it so that’s why I chose music as a career.

Drably’booking details

I dont make good music. I am good music

Well I have created a time table between my school and music so each one of them is allocated a specific time range.

I see myself as being considered as an international artist.


My manager is someone that communicates with me in everything that he does. I want that kind of managing.

I wanna be a Software Developer.

The artists that I’m working with, inspire me on a daily basis so I don’t get my inspiration from far.

What my music to be unique its because my music is always good.

By Rakhulana Percy(senwabarwana online news)


Thabang from Deepkay

According to the plan Deepkay Solutions was supposed to be shooting at the event, due to some normal circumstances Deepkay Solutions was never part of the event. Deepkay Solutions it arranged or thought that maybe for the winner it should offer free photo shoot but the announcement it came out after the event, after knew who is Miss Indermark. Deepkay never knew the person who won Miss Indermark Competition, that is why we offered a free photo shoot, because it was our wish to be part of the competition.

Deepkay Solutions

Miss Indermark According to our perception she is still young, she can inspire other young people like her, she can even inspire old people. As we can see since 2019 our Miss Indermark is someone younger at below the age of 20, so we got inspired by this young lady and how she performed through the competition.

Miss Indermark 2020/2021

Those who hide their talents at the end if things they stacking life they don’t know what to do they just sit down at the stacking poverty. Sometimes following your talent it can be helpful but sometimes it might not.

Deepkay Solutions photo shoots

As Deepkay Solutions we encourage everyone to show their talents, we encourage everyone to find out what their good at because whatever they are good at it can take them somewhere in the future, it can open many doors that they never expected.said Thabang

Dineo molefe

When I received a text from Deepkay I was very amazed, I felt so special and I truly think that this are blessings to be so much loved and appreciated.

I would like to thank Deepkay Solutions for offering me this photoshoot, it’s a very great gift for me and it truly means a lot to be appreciated and loved so much.

I got so many opportunities from Indermark and I would like to say, everything starts with you, it’s all about choice and be saying I want this and I will get it,”You will seek what sore”.said Dineo

By Rakhulana Percy(senwabarwana online news)


Noko Maleka

I’m Noko Maleka I’m 23 years old, I’m an extraordinary talented Make-up Artist. I’m from a small village called ga-Maponto in Limpopo South Africa outside senwabarwana(Bochum). I’m providing services in Polokwane, Bochum and the surrounding areas and occasionally in Gauteng Province.

Noko’s customer

Mostly I’m doing beats (3D make-up) and natural looks, or make-up. 3D make-up refers to technique that used to make-up specific features pop. My work is my priority, when I get customer I make sure that I don’t disappoint.

I started make-up when I was in high school, I didn’t learn it from someone or attended any classes of make-up, it’s just a gift for God. The love of art just grown further and further that’s where I realised that I should take it to the next level, then I started make-up at the weddings, parties etc… until now.

Noko’s work

In coming 5 years I want see my self as number 1 make-up artist, having my own place all over South Africa and outside the country, applying make-up on top celebrities.

Young and talented girl

My power question to all young South African is : Why are you struggling while you have you two hands?

My contacts and pricing details

To my loyal customers I promise to bring the best looks you like and have the look of your choice!!!

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Tshepo Raseruthe

I’m Tshepho Raseruthe from small village around bochum ga-maleboho called (Sebotlane), that’s where I grown up, and I went to Botshwa primary school, after I went to Manoe secondary school, after Manoe a went to Maphutha secondary school at indermark that’s where I did matric.

I call myself a young hard working guy, I’m the owner of (sum sokol construction),, Wich it’s specialise with plumbing and I’m radio presenter at my a local radio station called Mohodi Fm around Dendron.

chipi ke chipi

Chipi ke Chipi brand came from trend that’s was happening on facebook, people where doing “#chipi ke chipi and I saw it as something right and unique, I used it as opportunity to make it label.

I’m not the one who started the trend I just used my normal brain and make it a clothing brand because I have seen that people love it but they dont know how to use it to make money. Thats where chipi comes from and its a big brand now around South Africa.

Chipi ke chipi products

I can say I’m still underground, but according to support of people around me chipi is growing bigger and bigger everyday.

Chipi ke chipi on photo shoots

For coming 5 years I wanna see chipi ke chipi in big stores around south africa and out of the country, I wanna make it big brand around the world, I wanna see big artist, like Makhadzi, king Monada, Doctor Makings, Cassper Nyovest etc… wearing chipi.
I wanna see chipi creating a job opportunity to youth of our country.

Chipi ke chipi supporters

For marketing I’m using social media as a main source for my business, I also go to street showing people and also going to schools, but I use Facebook most of time because it’s where lot of people socialize and we where trying to market it door to door and it went well.said Tshepo

Chipi ke chipi
Chipi ke chipi helper

What makes chipi to be uniquei is, Chipi ke Chipi okase chipulle and people where thinking chipi is from Gauteng or somewhere,
What can say is that chipi is new brand, it’s different from others because we used our own sepedi language to name our brand, most of people they run to english names but chipi is sepedi name and even logo of chipi is simple and it’s created by a local boy called Mateu around Mohodi.

Let me conclude by saying chipi ke Chipi is for everyone, we don’t choose people, everyone can where our brand it’s very nice brand.said Tshepo

By Rakhulana Percy(senwabarwana online news)


Schoeman Mametja

Schoeman Mametja is a South African carpenter and interior design. He is the founder and executive director of Ur own Design Carpentry Company ( be unique) at Orlando, Soweto in Johannesburg.

Schoeman was born and grew up in Indermark, Limpopo were I grew up in a handy family. Where my father was a man of all trades. After completing my high school studies I couldn’t afford university fees but to look for a job.

Schoeman’s work

I worked as a cleaner for 3 months at a furniture company but I felt I can do what they’re doing until I started to use the machines. Along the line I went to George in Cape to study furniture technology which I graduated as a qualified carpenter. I worked as a lecture in furniture college.said Schoeman

Designed by (our own design company be unique

I started seeing things differently from the furniture products where people are forced to buy furniture which they find in stores. I decided to start a company where My client will tell me what they want and I and my team design it. ( Ur own Design Carpentry Company be unique)

He do custom made furniture
Buit in wardrobes
Kitchen cabinets
Furniture restoration
And all furniture related
He work across South Africa

Contact or whatsapp him at: 0625199085

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Ngoako William Moreti

I’m Ngwako William Moreti a founder of CALLWILL clothing, a 23 years old boy from South Africa Limpopo Bochum Miltoduff village (Ga-Molete)

Callwill products

In short I have realised that when they say “future is in your hands” they are not relying on the educational level from school, they just simply saying you can create something that will help you in future from your hands without any educational qualification.

Callwill supporters

When I was doing matric I was sharing dusk with a guy called Matome Calleb Molokomme, he was and still a good friend. I realised that after matric we will no longer being together like before because of going to different places so that we will meet a new friends there, we will not talk to each other like before.

God gave me idea that will make us to talk not more than 3-5 days, is where I used our names to start something that will make us true friend. Remember he is Calleb and I’m William then I used 4 letters of his name and 4 letters of my name and it gave me CallWill, then I combined C and W is where I found the Emblem CW.


Then there comes logo, I used to call my self : a brilliant young boy, at that time I was Smart/Clean, then remember that CallWill is a wear clothing is where I said “Brilliant people wear smart”.


This brand was founded on the 28th March 2018 at Mahlase Secondary school (Mongalo Village).

Brand ambassador

CALLWILL clothing I didn’t take it from existing like from internet or other social media, I created it by my self.

Original brand

People like my products and they are too much supportive people from different places, different provinces across South Africa. I used to set the dates of talking orders and date of sorting out the orders then start to deliver them.

In 5 years to come I wanna see my self as International brand, supplying other stores with my products, opening my own stores from many different provinces and outside the country.

My pledge is: from now our service will be faster than before and I wanna insure that we will have our own property because the end of this year 2021.

My Question is: Where do you want to see my brand in coming 2 years? Are you satisfied with the quality of my products? Does my work gives you courage?

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Dineo Molefe

I am Dineo Molefe from Indermark Block C but fulltime in Gauteng (Thembisa). I’m 16 years old and self motivated person with confidence that gives me power to do everything.

What I like the most about my self is : I’m strong young woman who always makes sure my dreams comes true.

Indermark Queens

I’m feeling phenomenal for winning this title, this is what I wanted. I wanted to win this title just to inspire other young girls like me, so that they should show up their talents with confidence and they should never give up on their dreams.


Gender based violence and substance abuse are the most threats in my community. Gender based violence is now world pandemic but with Organizations that keeps us busy like this one I think we can defeat this world wide problem.said Dineo molefe

Team miss indermark 2020/2021

In 10 years to come I see my self being miss universe because is my biggest dream that I have and I’m working very hard to achieve it as I have worked hard to win miss indermark.

Zozibini Tunzi is my role model, I love that woman because she worked very hard to win two titles in one season. Said Dineo

Event Organizers and sponsors

This event was held on 28th December 2020 at Indermark outside senwabarwana(Bochum) and it was hosted by Josaya Mokwena, Mokgadi Serumula, Gadifele Manaka, Mujakala Seemola and Selaelo Manabela and they are all from Indermark aged between 26-30 year.

By Rakhulana Percy(senwabarwanaonlinenews)


Hi, I go by the name of Thabang Onesimus.Im from a small Village called Indermark and I’m currently doing photography as my passion.

Well i can tell that my shootings stuff they all started last year around 28 October while i met Douglas Dabana.The guy just asked me if i could help him with anything where he held his Gig, from there thats were i agreed and my passion started.something pushed me to love Photography said Thabang.

I can say that my work is 100% satisfaction,we make sure that customers they don’t complain after paying us.Its not all about money its about doing your work great.

My wish is to see my self before millions and millions of people shooting people with great titles.

What makes my work unique is that I always try to do my work different and in creative.I don’t usually wanna be like everyone I wanna be uncommon.

Well i market my Job my reminding people around me that “ I capture moments and save memories“I also have an instagram account and facebook account where I paste my work there.
Facebook:Thabang Onesimus.

You can call or whatsapp on :+27 76 510 3017

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TakeOne Brand

George Masindi Nkawani, from Indermark currently reside at Turfloop due to school. He started a clothing brand called TakeOne which is selling fast and in large numbers.

TakeOne is not only a clothing brand but a stage name of his since he’s a musician. He currently have caps and bucket hats for sale at the moment and more to come such as hodies, T-shirts and trousers and even footwears

Here is TakeOne products

For ordering contact George Masindi Nkawani.

Contact: 082 351 9094

Facebook page: Takeone

Instagram: takeone002

Email address:


Bucket: Hats= R120

CAP= R120


Thanks so much for supporting TakeOne brand that is taking South Africa by storm and soon it will go abroad. Order it today and wear local brand. #supportlocalbrand


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About enke

enke: make your mark ( enke) is a leadership development organisation that generates and incubates Youth-led social impact and enterprise. Our name “enke” is from the seTswana word for ” ink” which reflects our philosophy and work that empowers people to become the authors of their futures by leading change in their own lives and that of their communities. Our goal is to enable thousands of effective young leaders through our products and services and incubate 3000 social impact project by 2020.

Our mission

Connect Equip Inspire

Connect: people across the diversity, creating valuable networks and building understanding

Equip: people with social and emotional skills

Real world skills that unlock opportunities for future success

Inspire: a bias towards action, increasing both personal and national development aspirations


The past 2 years have been a time organisational renewal, growth, dreaming and making magic happen. With report ( covering January 2017- June 2018), we reflect with pride on our past successes and leverage the many valuable lessons we learned. Our work and achievements in 2017-18 are the product of hustle and focus to overcome a difficult 2016, a year in which we made the tough decision to scale down so that we could focus on improving fundraising, repositioning our programs and service of offerings, diversifying our income mix and achieved a 194% increase in impact, 48% increase in income, and, though our Bespoke services, we’re able to engage with many more projects and opportunities. All this has been made possible through the tireless efforts of our wonderful team, the guidance of our board of directors and the amazing support of our partners.

While achieving impact and growing, 2017-18 was also a time for operational adjustment as we nagigated chances in the team and board.

Special thanks for the strong foundations in operations and programs laid by Kingsley Kipury ( former chief operations officer) and Natasha Asburry ( outgoing chief programs officer) who moved on in 2017 and 2018 after being with enke since 2012 and 2018 respectively.

Our values

This is not school

Get your hands dirty

Respect each other

We are the with you

Truth and Transparency

Create your own path

Make it happen- make it better


Highlight since 2009

3325- people trained in enke programs and bespoke projects 2009- June 2018

90% of program participants are from low-resourced disadvantage communities

60% of program participants are female

90% of program participants are black

736 people directly trained by enke facilitators through bespoke projects

We focus on developing the skills of youth to increase their effectiveness as leaders and their ability to contribute to a positive future. We do this by connecting, equipping, and inspiring young people to implement social impact projects that tackles issues that affect their communities. This contributes to developing effective young leaders- youth who have the desire and capability to access post-school opportunities, whether that’s an internship, employment, entrepreneurship, or Civic leadership

Our leadership development programs for high school youth. For post school youth and specialised services. Provide people with theoretical and practical skills that make it possible for them to become effective leaders in their communities. We have been incubating youth-led social impact projects since 2009 and our expertise is in capacitating youth towards social innovation, social cohesion and social responsibility.

enke: Catalyst program

This program is for unemployed, out of school youth ( 18-35 years old) and is a 6- month experience in social Enterprise and guided coaching for professional development to increase the likelihood of conversation to employment, enterprise, education or training.

Each cohort of the program is called an ” Intake.”

We host 1-3 intakes of the Trailblazer program each year, with each Intake accepting 125- 140 youth intakes depending on funding. Program intake run as follows for the 9 month program

Winter Intake: July- April ( celebration event held in may)

Summer Intake: December- August ( celebration event held in September)

Get involved

At enke: make your mark, we empower young leaders to make their mark on their community, their country and their world. Our partners work with us to provide leadership and entrepreneurial training programs for young people. The result? Meaningful opportunities and impact in South African communities and the lives of youth. We offer a number of exciting ways of individuals and businesses to maximize their impact on communities and youth.

Contacts details

7th floor South Point Corner

87 De Korte St, Braamfontein

Johannesburg, South Africa

Phone: 011-403-1241/3



Thanks so much for reading, if you want to connect with them send email or call them to fulfill your dreams. Hard work pays

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The Power of mamohwibidu village community out side senwabarwana.

Ga-mamohwibidu village is situated in senwabarwana, North Province, South Africa.

At ga-mamohwibidu village the group of old people who are 60-70 years old started a water project at their village after living a longtime without water.

This people who started this project they have running water in their homes but they feel too much pain for those who don’t have water, who uses wheelbarrow and tanks to fetch water.

We went to Monna’a senang moriri mountain where their is a big old lake that we used to drink water in it longtime ago. After we have found that we came back and call community meeting so that we can give them our plan of taking water to the community. Some of the community members agreed on contributing R200/house, 703 houses contributed R104,600 and comity member decided to open savings account to save their money before they start with the project. According to the comity member their project will benefit only people who agreed on contributing said Mr Thete.

We found our lake 3.8km away from where we are staying and we bought 3*100m pipes one pipe cost R5000 and we still need more pipes and another 3*10 000 liters tanks, so we are calling for everyone who is interested on helping us with donations to contact us on (mr Monama :0828607044),(mr Sehata:0632767547) or (Mr Thete on:0725761037)

People who don’t have water or anything that government fails to it they can use their money to do it because our government failed us said MR Morata

(By Rakhulana Percy)

A 29 years old soldier has allegedly shot and injured a citizen

according to rumor they were group of people were not wearing masks and soldiers asked them why they are not wearing masks and argument started and one of the soldiers shot the victim.

The man was rushed to Helen franz hopital in senwabarwana.

People are complaining about their safety because people who hired to protect them are now killing them.


Indermark is a village in the Capricorn district municipality in Limpopo province (south Africa). It’s a village that has lot of people who are talented.

Takeone ft Elaneng

TakeOne is a 20 years old Producer and songwriter born in Venda grew up in Gauteng and Currently resides at Indermark Senwanarwana but Currently in Turfloop doing his psychology degree, full names: George Masindi Nkawani. I’m a Loc Piano producer, it is basically the music I do, Loc piano is a Genre That is Piano like but I however use different sounds and instruments but listening to it, it has basics of Amapiano Music, my music slaps harder as it is a combination of piano and King Monada nor Double Trouble music said Takeone.

Music is something that I did not chose as a career, but music chose me, it’s been my talent since Childhood, I just loved music and I couldn’t resist, I was the desk beat maker in primary until I became familiar with FL Studio that’s when I started doing my own real music, since 2008 till to date.

My strength in music is Creating nor producing beats and writing Lyrics as for singing, I sometimes sing in my beats like I sang in my latest song Called Decision featuring Agisanang. Doing music and studying are two different things that do not really intertwine it is hard to prioritize because as I’m studying my Psychology book a Beat slaps my mind and I have to produce it before I forget it, but at the end of the day I get my job done educationally and musically.

In 5 years I see myself as one of the most rated artists not only in limpopo but South Africa as a whole.

The issue of getting a manager or getting signed by a record label is something that I haven’t considered yet however a manager that will financially improve my work of place like buying me studio equipments is very much appreciated, because as for now I only use my home theater speakers, laptop and a Condenser Mic for doing my work. I’m in serious need of a manager.

My dream Job is to be a lawyer and I’m currently chasing that dream.

Master KG and King Monada are the people that keep me motivated considering the fact that they started from Zero to Hero, I also wish to follow their footsteps and I believe I will make it one day.

Like I mentioned before my Music is a mixture of Amapiano and bolobedu House, so it is something that will be new to people’s ears, South Africa won’t see me coming.

People I have worked with before are Multi, Elaneng Skobo, Agisanang, KeaBetswe,Ntotole, BlaqRapper and Mkhemie

If you want to follow me
Facebook page: TakeOne
Instagram: TakeOne SA
YouTube Channel: TakeOne Sa
Whatsapp: 065 812 8666
If you want to download my songs you can visit my YouTube page and you find every song there with a download link on the description.

(By Rakhulana Percy)


Fully sponsored by RelationshipGoals These camp is organised for the end of the year when all the students are done with their final exams.

The main objective highlights is to kindle learning and youth awareness. This camp or organised as some sort of awareness campaign. It intends to motivate, encourage and strengthen Eveyone that shall be present into always being hard wiring especially if have already setdown their goals. Our camp will be for 3 days/nights. We look to register only people aged between 16-32. Not physically impaired nor having complicated health related issues.

We have invited different VIP personal from all over South Africa to come and partake with us in the camp, moreover to impart motivation in sharing words of wisdom with us. We have also organised games which shall form part and puzzle of the amusement moments. Those include
-mind games
-team building
-talent stimulator
-quick response
-listening and voice detector
-treasure hunting
-problem solving
-and many more

Be informed that my team and I will cover the costs of food, Activities and accommodation. This then means that free entrance for everyone. However all participants will have to pay ONLY transport which we will organize for them, moreover every one who wishes to come to the camp is expected to pay their own camp tshirt as well.

Eveyone who is interested is expected to contact us so that we can put them in the Camp whatsapp group that correspond with a randomly given group which they shall be part of for the rest of the camp. The groups are still under formation hence we add people as they register. The camp Tshirt costs R120.. The colour of the tshirts will stickly depend on the group one gets assigned to.

Camp Date : 20-22 December 2020
Place : Bochum

My contact details :
Phone no : 0713004222
Facebook : Mr RelationshipGoals
Twitter : MrGoals
Instagram : mr_relationshipgoals
Twitter : Mr RelationshipGoals

(By Rakhulana Percy)

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